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​Aeolian Piano
35mm film transferred to digital media
Developed with Hughes Meyer Studio
Commissioned by White Noise
Supported by Arts Council England

Aeolian Piano is one of eight works commissioned by White Noise to mark the departure of the BBC from the iconic BBC TV Centre in Wood Lane. It shows a grand piano suspended by a crane and floating in a circle high above the BBC Television Centre. The circular structure of the BBC TV Centre embraced the world and reached out to it, with the BBC aspiring to be a global voice. It also looked inward, suggesting the BBC as 'the living room of the nation'.Over the building the sound of wind playing in the strings is ethereal and otherworldly. It is disembodied, fragile and vulnerable, singing a swan song to the departed BBC below. This departure is more than just a relocation; it is the departure of a vision, however misguided at times, replaced by Capital, luxury developments, self-interest, bubble news. The cranes supporting the piano are symptomatic of the cranes probing the sky all around London. They are harbingers of new skyscrapers and apartment blocks about fill the sky and turn it into real estate. They will change the horizon both physically and in terms of society's view of itself.

Aeolian Piano


Developed with Hughes Meyer Studio
Architectural Producer Francesca Hughes, Hughes Meyer Studio
Producer David Broder
Architect Gergely Kovacs, Hughes Meyer Studio
Structural Engineer Matthew Wells, Techniker
Assistant Structural Engineers Jan Tomsu and Amir Alwan, Techniker
Director of Photography Jono Smith
Camera Operators Oliver Ledwith, Luke Menges
Focus Puller Chris Pollitt
Clapper Loader Ben Jones
Grip Adrian Macarthy
Rigger Pat Daly
Stills Camera Hilary Knox
Sound Recordist Nigel Albermaniche
Sound Design Simon Keep
Editor Catherine Yass
Production Manager Parissa Dunn

Piano Rig Paul Rhodes
Piano Tuner Hugo Veryzer
Site Management David Ivory, Mace
Crane Drivers Ian Greaves, Bob Manchester
Banksmen David Briggs, Frank O'Hare
Post Production Consultant Tim McGill
Post Production Management Marcus Gage, MX1
Conform Anthony Badger, MX1
Colourist Ray King, MX1
Commissioned by White Noise
Supported by Arts Council England, Alison Jacques Gallery, Galerie Lelong
Thanks to Margot Bannerman, Michael Brzezinski, Amy Dickson, Liza Fior, Hugo Glendinning, Jonathan Meyer, Simona Hughes, Alison Jacques, Maurice Ostro, Mary Sabbatino, David Sheppard, Anthony Spira, Sabine Unamun

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