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High Wire
7’32”16mm film and hd cam transferred to digital media
Two versions; four screens and one screen
Commissioned by Artangel and Glasgow International

High Wire shows a man walking the tightrope between two tower blocks on Red Road housing estate, Glasgow. Now regarded as a failure, Red Road was once seen as the solution to poor housing which would, literally, lift people out of poverty.The aspiration to build ‘streets in the air’ paralleled Didier Pasquette’s own dream of walking in the air. In both cases the dream did not work out as planned: the social problems remained and Didier backtracked because of vibrations on the wire. The dream floundered in the attempt to realise it, but something of it remains and the question is how do we hold on to those aspirations, both personal and as a social body? What can we take from them that is valuable? How might the notion of failure be re-evaluated? The Red Road tower blocks have since been demolished, leaving an empty flat expanse in memory of the six slabs that stood alone in full view, as much like a Modernist landscape sculpture as a place to live.



High Wire Artist  Dider Pasquette
Director of Photography  Ossie McLean
Camera Operators  Alick Fraser, Lewis Buchann, Alan Maxwell, Kathy Friend, Marcus Domleo
Sound  Simon Keep
Editor  Catherine Yass

Location Managers  Tom Dingle and Rob Bowman (Artangel)
Concierge Managers  Enrico Amato, Linsey McCabe
Estate Co-ordinator  Richie Carroll
Site Security  Gary Lathan, Safety First Solutions 
Rigging  RLJ Mechanical Services Ltd
Health and Safety  Marion Lamb
Structural Investigation  Doug Henderson 
Post Production  Soho Images
Commissioned by  Artangel and Glasgow International
Supported by  Arts Council England, Glasgow International, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Institut Français
Thanks to  James Cassidy (GHA), James Lingwood, Francis McKee, the residents of Red Road Flats Glasgow, Nina Pearlman

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