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Last Stand
16mm film transferred to digital media
Supported by Guildhall Art Gallery and Bellway Homes

I am standing on a concrete tower core on a development site in Nine Elms, London, taking a last stand. The phrase Last Stand means a last stand before defeat; a desperate last measure bound to fail, but there is an imperative to do it which maybe moral, desperate. Last Stand is a stand against privatisation of the sky through selling it as real estate, and against the defensive aggressive building of the US Embassy.The concrete tower I am standing on is crenellated like a castle. Castles are built high for defence. Looking down on the world gives a sense of control of the world spread out below you. But seen from behind the concrete core is hollow. Far from providing security, concrete drinks in water and breathes out CO2, so it poses a direct threat.The first shot in the film shows the tower with a form like a Modernist sculpture. The language of late Modernism came largely from material units of production, and the concrete tower returns it there, but now with a more dystopian view of the future.This simple form of Modernism echoes the Asceticism of Saint Symeon the Stylite, the Medieval saint who lived on a post in the desert for 37 years.

Last Stand


Director of Photography  Jono Smith
Sound  Catherine Yass, Simon Keep
Stills Camera  Matan Ashkenazy
Editor  Catherine Yass

Site Management  Matthew Loughlin, Killian McHugh
Post Production Management  Silver Salt Restoration
Conform  Anthony Badger, Silver Salt Restoration
Colourist  Ray King, Silver Salt Restoration
Supported by  Guildhall Gallery and Bellway Homes
Thanks to  David Broder, Robin Klassnik, Jessica Ramsay, Elizabeth Scott

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