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NHS Swimmers

NHS Swimmers is a homage to the amazing NHS. Ten NHS staff have been photographed underwater where they appear swimming down Tanner Lane along the wall of Saint Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. Placed overhead in a 24m long print the NHS staff appear like swimming  angels flying over the street, as well as individuals taking some much needed leisure time. Photographed between Covid 19 restrictions, the image is constructed from over 200 photographs making up a seamless whole, with the swimmers brought together underwater where they are free from infection.
The image was partly inspired by Giotto’s angels in the Arena Chapel in Padua, Italy. Photographed on large format sheet film, Yass combines a positive image with a negative blue, enriching the deep water colours and offsetting bright splashes and swimsuit colours. 
The swimmers were selected from an open call with Imperial College Healthcare Charity, and represent the rich diversity of Saint Mary’s Hospital staff, in their various ethnicities, gender and age groups.
NHS Swimmers will be in place for ten years and is made from sustainable vinyl.
Catherine Yass would like to thank the ten staff who took part in their own free time and Lucy Zacaria from Imperial College Healthcare Charity, Stella Ioannu and Jade Naklai from Lacuna Projects, Underthewatermedia, photographic colourist Greg Jones, Macro Art and MetTech.

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