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32'50"Super 16mm film transferred to digital media
Supported by British Council and Arts Council England

In Wall, the camera follows the Israeli separation wall from the Israeli side. The wall takes up the whole frame until only a narrow sliver of space shows above or to the side, blocking vision and communication, as the wall itself does. The film is silent just as the wall makes people dumb through cutting them off from the other side. It goes on for nearly 33 minutes, breaking only between sections still being built, so the viewer experiences its relentless trajectory and exclusion. Filmed from the Israeli side it is as much about how a country can blind itself and cut itself off, as it is about how it does the same to its neighbour. The winding concrete structure of the wall is ironically reminiscent of Modernist sculpture such as that of Richard Serra.



Producer  Osnat Trabelsi

Director of Photography  Philippe Bellaiche

Editor  Catherine Yass

Post Production  Soho Images

Colourist  Ray King, Soho Images

Supported by  Arts Council England, British Council, Asprey Jacques Gallery

Thanks to  Phil Misselwitz, Avi Mograbe, Len Thornton, Ruth Ur

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